Monday, January 25, 2010


Sometimes it's funny how a little decision works out for the best, in ways not imagined. As I got ready for my flight to Dallas this morning, my heart rebelled at wearing business casual. I knew I would be going to one of the dialysis facilities when I landed. But I really wanted to travel in jeans. Finally, as an inner act of rebellion, I put aside the dress pants and pulled on my jeans. A tad bit risky for my reputation, as I knew all our company officers, VP's and most of the directors were also in Dallas this week. Boarding the plane, I made my way to 10A and settled in. As soon as I was allowed, I put on my noise-cancelling headphones, programmed my iPod to some nice Hawaiian music, and fell asleep. I woke up to the noise of beverages being distributed. Feeling dry, as airplanes always do, I asked for an orange juice, no ice. I took a sip, sat back, took another sip, and ... somehow the whole glass of orange juice was suddenly running onto my lap. My thirsty jeans sopped up almost all of it. Glad I wore jeans? You bet! And by the time we landed, I was all dried out (yeah, those airplanes are really, really dry). And no one could see the stains. Second reason I was glad I wore jeans happened after I got to my destination. A friend needed help unpacking a bunch of huge boxes of pictures. I was able to get down and dirty -- because of my jeans. Maybe I wasn't really rebelling; maybe I was just following a little inner voice. The voice of Someone who knew how my day would go. Oh, and I didn't run into any company officers....

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